Saturday, December 1, 2012

10 ways to JUMPSTART your DAY!

10. Do some MEDITATION
When you take a few minutes to breathe, close your eyes, and repeat a mantra you really start to feel better!  There are many guided Meditations out there that will really empower you and when you are empowered YOU ARE ready to be focused and have a fabulous day! 
9.  Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier
I know, I know… 15 minutes earlier you ask?   Let me explain. Take this extra time to slowly wake up. So many of us rush out of bed and throw ourselves into a hectic morning schedule.  When you rush your whole day rushes never take a moment to fully enjoy yourself and you take too much for granted!  Take a few deep breaths.
8. Listen to your fave song
The best way to get yourself out of a rut is to listen to your favorite song.  When you listen to a song you enjoy, your body produces chemicals to boost your mood.  A little dancing never hurt anyone…
 7. Drink a hot cup of lemon water w/a little bit of Cayenne Pepper
This little tip is SO unbelievably great for your immune system. On their own, lemons are very acidic, but they have an alkalizing effect on the body. Why is this important? Cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Go back and read that last sentence again. SO important. Lemon water is also a natural diuretic so it helps detox your body and keep off the bloat.  If you can tolerate it try adding Cayenne pepper. 
6. Use an Ionic ToothBrush and Tongue Scraper
Most of the bacteria in your mouth actually resides on your tongue and gums, so make sure to clean your tongue (and floss!). Also most toothbrushes don't actually get rid of all of your plaque like an Ionic Toothbrush, these are the most recommended and can stop tooth decay, cancers, and more. Now say HELLO to a healthy mouth.
5. Be grateful
Start your day off in a grateful mindset. This will keep you in a positive mood for the entire day!  This will especially help when stress starts creeping in throughout the day, you can revert back to the list of things you are grateful for.
4. Prepare PREPARE
Always prepare the night or day before!  When I used to go to school I would always lay out my clothes the night before so I wouldn't be so stressed in the morning running to pick out clothes!   By making decisions the night before such as what you’ll wear, what you’ll eat for breakfast, and more... you can help eliminate added stress in the morning. Lay out your clothes, if you have kids lay out their clothes too, pack lunches, do dishes and make sure you are ready for the next day. This is probably my favorite bit of advice! 
3. Exercise really is what you make it
By exercising in the morning you jump start your metabolism and as a result, burn more calories throughout the day. It’ll boost your energy levels and get those endorphins pumping. Plus, if you exercise in the morning, you can’t make up excuses for not doing it later in the day.
2. Take a high quality Melatonin Supplement-
Melatonin is a natural hormone which helps to control your sleep and wake cycles. By adding a Melatonin supplement to your diet, you will better control your sleep patterns – fall asleep faster and wake with a clear and rested mind. Melatonin decreases as you age so it’s super important to add a supplement as this occurs. Lack of sleep can lead to increased stress and excessive stress can negatively affect your sleep. It’s a never ending cycle!
1. Eat a low-glycemic breakfast
As I’m sure you have all heard before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!   If you skip breakfast, you’re essentially telling your body to conserve energy – your metabolism will slow down and you’ll have less energy throughout the day. It’s also important to start choosing low-glycemic options in order to control your blood sugar. High-glycemic foods cause your blood sugar to sky-rocket and release a fat-storage hormone called Insulin. This creates the ‘sugar high’ and the ‘crash’ people so often experience after eating their meals.  Some of my favorite low-glycemic breakfast ideas are Oatmeal w/bananas and coconut sugar or Granola, fruit, and Yogurt! 

Try incorporating a few of these, or better yet all of them, into your morning routine.  I can guarantee you will start noticing some improvements.

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