Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Working on my 1st Book

Hey everyone!!!
I'm currently working on my very first book!  My book is going to be something very simple but helpful for the "normal" person that wants to get healthier!  I'm currently looking for people's definitions of processed foods and what they mean to you!  If you'd like to share your definitions please feel free to do so (If I use yours in my book you will be acknowledged in the book)  Also I'm looking for recipes using Whole Grain Alternatives and Sugar Alternatives (Coconut Sugar, Maple Sugar, Agave, Date Sugar, etc) 
If anyone knows a publisher and can connect me please let me know! 

Currently I'm also working on my Opt-in Video if anyone knows someone that has experience in doing professional videos or how to add one to an IIN website please comment below or get in touch w/me! 

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