Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Hey Loves,
I know I promised to do more blogposts and have really been slacking!  But today I want to talk about a really important topic and that's explaining CROSS-CONTAMINATION to your loved ones so they don't just think you're I'll be honest sometimes my older sister thinks I am!  Yes almost any food sensitivity/autoimmune response can be caused from cross contamination and no one wants to intentionally get us sick right?  But they need to fully understand just how sick we can get from using the same pan's they've used for something we can't have...even cleaning it 100 times can't get rid of that exposure.  Just look at this article on Cross Contamination!  So this year when you're trying to not get sick and really fully enjoy the holidays just send them a link to this article and get ready to have a sense of calm come over you so they can finally understand just how REAL Cross-Contamination is!

Another big issue around the holidays includes making our favorite dishes into Gluten Free options and I'm about to create an E-book over the next month with some of my favorite recipes...done up the Gluten Free Way so look for that!  In the meantime I always recommend visiting for amazing Gluten Free recipes and I know I'll be making this on Wednesday

Enjoy your Thanksgiving if you celebrate (and you're in the US) and I'll be back next month with a lot more great blogposts for 2016 my biggest goal is to WRITE more!

Until then XOXO!