Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cruise Do's & DON'T's

We just got back from our Royal Caribbean Cruise on Anthem of the Sea this SATURDAY and I have mostly complaints!  1. They did not have almost any new options for "GOOD" Gluten Free & Dairy free options...the same baking soda tasting bread (there are so many better mixes out now), 2. They did not have any gluten free beer onboard the ship (at any of the bars, etc), 3. Some of my dinners took over 1 hour to be prepared and my food allergies/sensitivities were given MONTHS in advance, 4. Desserts were scarce and I have taken many cruises w/them and back in 2010 when we went on my honeymoon cruise the desserts were a lot better!  They definitely need someone to direct them in their ongoing options for gluten & dairy free individuals as there are MANY!  Also they need to improve upon their communication on and OFF the ship as this was very poorly lacking!  I'd be happy to be their Gluten Free Dairy Free consultant if they asked!  Just saying ;-)

We did LOVE their trivia, great staff members who actively tried with what they had (they just didn't have much), and we loved our balcony room!  I hope in the future they will improve and if we take another cruise with them they will have an active list of requests so it can start feeling like a vacation!  (As a Gluten Free Dairy Free Foodie who does tours are NYC I expect massive options and on a cruise everyone else but those with food allergies gets them...this desperately needs to be FIXED)  Thank you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Totally FUCD UP Beer & Hard Apple Cider's not your Sorority Sister's Beer ;-)

From time to time I get asked to review truly awesome new GLUTEN FREE items and this past weekend I got to review TOTALLY FUCD UP GF Craft Beer & Hard Apple Cider!  I personally can't drink anything with apples in it but my hubby LOVED IT!  The beer was different from most Gluten Free beer I've had since I tend to stick to Redbridge and a few others but definitely starts out bitter with an awesome smell of olives (I LOVE olives).  After a few sips the bitterness slightly goes away, I think this beer reminds me of a pale ale back in my college beer drinking days!  I would recommend this to anyone looking for that type of taste that also happens to be Gluten Free (Celiac, AutoImmune reasons for a Gluten Free Diet, or Gluten Intolerant!  I definitely like that it's a home-brew and more and more people are making awesome Gluten Free beer!  Sometimes Gluten free beer won't fizz up all the way but this one passed the test!  Overall I would give it 4 out of 5 as I'm not a HUGE fan of bitter beers but it did calm down a bit after the first sip and it is fully Gluten Free!  I love how the owner uses a different method than most when making this gluten free beer.  My hubby can't stop raving about the Hard Apple Cider so I think that gets a 5 out of 5!  I recently talked to the owner of Totally FUCD UP and he provided his inspiration for me:   He was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance a few months ago and as an aspiring Brewer, he realized most of the GF beer is really bad...and most use a chemical to remove the gluten but he researched GF grains...found a maker in Boulder, CO that supplied and decided to buy some of everything he some extra stuff he found locally..GOTTA love buying he got this beer over 9% which he had never seen GF beer go there!

Here's a picture of this awesome beer
If you're interested in more information hit up Vince at I know right now he's looking for an amazing celiac to try his latest offering!