Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Totally FUCD UP Beer & Hard Apple Cider Review...it's not your Sorority Sister's Beer ;-)

From time to time I get asked to review truly awesome new GLUTEN FREE items and this past weekend I got to review TOTALLY FUCD UP GF Craft Beer & Hard Apple Cider!  I personally can't drink anything with apples in it but my hubby LOVED IT!  The beer was different from most Gluten Free beer I've had since I tend to stick to Redbridge and a few others but definitely starts out bitter with an awesome smell of olives (I LOVE olives).  After a few sips the bitterness slightly goes away, I think this beer reminds me of a pale ale back in my college beer drinking days!  I would recommend this to anyone looking for that type of taste that also happens to be Gluten Free (Celiac, AutoImmune reasons for a Gluten Free Diet, or Gluten Intolerant!  I definitely like that it's a home-brew and more and more people are making awesome Gluten Free beer!  Sometimes Gluten free beer won't fizz up all the way but this one passed the test!  Overall I would give it 4 out of 5 as I'm not a HUGE fan of bitter beers but it did calm down a bit after the first sip and it is fully Gluten Free!  I love how the owner uses a different method than most when making this gluten free beer.  My hubby can't stop raving about the Hard Apple Cider so I think that gets a 5 out of 5!  I recently talked to the owner of Totally FUCD UP and he provided his inspiration for me:   He was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance a few months ago and as an aspiring Brewer, he realized most of the GF beer is really bad...and most use a chemical to remove the gluten but he researched GF grains...found a maker in Boulder, CO that supplied and decided to buy some of everything he offered...plus some extra stuff he found locally..GOTTA love buying local...so he got this beer over 9% which he had never seen GF beer go there!

Here's a picture of this awesome beer
If you're interested in more information hit up Vince at 4ChambersBrewing@gmail.com I know right now he's looking for an amazing celiac to try his latest offering!

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