Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best Ice Tea

I've always been a huge ICE Tea drinker. I used to drink sips religiously as a child in my school lunches but ever since I started dating David its been Inkos and Arizona. I first tried Inkos while visiting David when he worked for Related by Columbus Circle. Ever since I've been addicted! I love their honeydew iced tea! It is white tea, that tastes so fresh and not too sweet but still sweet enough for me. www.HealthyWhiteTea.com Grab yourself some!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The beginning

I was diagnosed a long time ago with Lactose Intolerance (2nd grade) and just recently self-diagnosed myself with Gluten Intolerance while a few years back I was also diagnosed with IBS but probably was just Gluten Intolerance. I have started having some favorite foods and restaurants which I will be posting that are both gluten and lactose free in their offerings. Get ready for the best reviews out there! If you want a product reviewed on my blog please email me at Lmendel530@gmail.com, get ready for real reviews by an allergy sufferer/newlywed just like you!

The best breakfast bar: Enjoy Life's Cocoa Loco
My favorite topic: the best cookies: Shabtai's Lace cookies (I've always been a cookie aholic and believe me these don't even taste like they're gluten and dairy free but they are yay)
The best chocolate bar: Enjoy Life's Boom Choco dairy, nut and soy free chocolatey bars (I love the ones with the crisp rice)
The absolute best sandwich rolls: Everybody Eats Dairy Free Deli Rolls
The best hamburger rolls: Gillian's French Rolls
The best way to eat veggies: Littles by Dr. Praegers (Broccoli and Spinish are delicious) even my husband that has no allergies loves it!
The best fish sticks: Dr. Praegers Potato crusted Fish Sticks
The BEST sandwich bread: Udi's
The best gluten free muffins: Udi's blueberry muffins (reminds me of Dunkin Donuts muffins with the sugar on top and taste)

Some of my favorite gluten and dairy free combinations to make great meals:
I used to LOVE raisin bread with cream cheese as a child, and now I can enjoy it with Glutino's Raisin bread and Tofutti Cream Cheese...absolutely delicious together!

My favorite Raw and Vegan place so far is One Lucky Duck, I love their lemonade and Pumpkin salad.

Come back for more posts on my favorites and feel free to share yours!