Sunday, July 18, 2010

The beginning

I was diagnosed a long time ago with Lactose Intolerance (2nd grade) and just recently self-diagnosed myself with Gluten Intolerance while a few years back I was also diagnosed with IBS but probably was just Gluten Intolerance. I have started having some favorite foods and restaurants which I will be posting that are both gluten and lactose free in their offerings. Get ready for the best reviews out there! If you want a product reviewed on my blog please email me at, get ready for real reviews by an allergy sufferer/newlywed just like you!

The best breakfast bar: Enjoy Life's Cocoa Loco
My favorite topic: the best cookies: Shabtai's Lace cookies (I've always been a cookie aholic and believe me these don't even taste like they're gluten and dairy free but they are yay)
The best chocolate bar: Enjoy Life's Boom Choco dairy, nut and soy free chocolatey bars (I love the ones with the crisp rice)
The absolute best sandwich rolls: Everybody Eats Dairy Free Deli Rolls
The best hamburger rolls: Gillian's French Rolls
The best way to eat veggies: Littles by Dr. Praegers (Broccoli and Spinish are delicious) even my husband that has no allergies loves it!
The best fish sticks: Dr. Praegers Potato crusted Fish Sticks
The BEST sandwich bread: Udi's
The best gluten free muffins: Udi's blueberry muffins (reminds me of Dunkin Donuts muffins with the sugar on top and taste)

Some of my favorite gluten and dairy free combinations to make great meals:
I used to LOVE raisin bread with cream cheese as a child, and now I can enjoy it with Glutino's Raisin bread and Tofutti Cream Cheese...absolutely delicious together!

My favorite Raw and Vegan place so far is One Lucky Duck, I love their lemonade and Pumpkin salad.

Come back for more posts on my favorites and feel free to share yours!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story and especially your favorite products! We love Gillian's frnech rolls, too! Great work! -Katie G.