Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Elections

On the day of Presidential Elections I'm not going to say anything about politics in my post but I am going to say that Michelle Obama has been excellent for creating a Healthier initiative for Children. 

On a different note the weather is getting very cold outside and I wish it were warmer!  What are some of the key vitamins and herbal supplements you are taking to stay healthy with both your digestive system and overall health?  One of mine is:  Rainbow Light's Advanced Enzyme System.  I'm also taking Amazing Grass's Chocolate Superfood Powder mixed in a Strawberry Banana Smoothie! 

I was a huge INKOS fan (White Tea) for awhile...especially their HoneyDew flavor but now I'm really into Mamma Chia drinks!  My favorite flavor is Coconut Mango...its soooooooooo delicious and refreshing!
Plus the chia adds an energetic boost!

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