Monday, November 12, 2012

Drinking Water can save your LIFE

Why don't we as Americans drink enough water?
There are so many highly carbonated drinks out there (Soda, Seltzer, etc) that too often then not we drink those and think we're still getting enough water in our systems.  Also juice, milk, and Iced Tea don't really count but there are tons of items that do help with water intake!  Try having steamed veggies, rice, and other items that have water already in them and this will help up your water intake!  Also try drinking a cup of water before meals and you will not have to overeat!

Craving a lot of sweets?
This is a big hint of dehydration in your body...when your body starts craving sugary sweets...instead of eating a cookie or candy have a glass of water!  If you don't like plain water try adding a lemon or lime to it for flavor!  Your body will thank you later! 

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