Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CDF's and feeling good!

Hey everyone!

I decided I am going to try to post on this blog every week so I can keep better track of my life and my current CDF (Core-Desired-Feelings) which totally are feeling supported, accomplished, happy, and relaxed.  What are yours?  Feel free to leave them in the comments section!  I am definitely feeling very much supported by watching and interacting on periscope esp. Courtney Johnston's scopes!  I just added my opt-in so I'm feeling somewhat accomplished as I've been looking up ways to do it for months and now I finally did it even though its not going to go straight to mail chimp like I had wanted...better done than not!  I am very happy to have this freedom in my life even though I could definitely use a part time job (volunteer coordinator, event planning/social media, or tutor/nanny) if anyone knows of something up to 25 or so hrs a week let me know!  I am buying notebooks this week so I can start feeling much more relaxed and start being more organized and do journaling in the mornings!  I can't wait to hear all of your CDF's!  Make sure you're following me on periscope at CleanLiving!

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