Thursday, October 1, 2015

GFAF Expo + Wellness Lounge

Super excited to be attending the GF AF Expo this weekend with a PLAN...yes I said it so you can all hold me accountable!  Normally I just waver around the entire incredibly awesome Expo full of over 100 vendors just meeting people and getting extra delicious yummy GF food but this year I'm working on gaining more partnerships and building better relationships with Gluten Free and healthy living brands so I can improve my gluten free tours and get my gluten free coaching off the ground FINALLY!  I just finished being the assistant for The Wellness Lounge where I did all the social media and being the ongoing support for all vendors until the day of the event.  The event went amazingly!  I love event planning!  Back to the GFAF Expo, I'd love to meet up with anyone that's reading my blog or if you have a favorite vendor that'll be there feel free to post their name below!  <3 guys="" love="" next="" p="" post="" the="" until="" you="">

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