Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Home and back to BLOGGING

I'm returning to blogging to chronicle my brand new beginning moving into our FOREVER HOME in Wood-Ridge, NJ!  We just moved in on Sunday August 2nd 2015!  And we're the only Blue Townhouse currently in the community!  Love the uniqueness!  I am starting this blog as a way to connect with myself and my audience and bring about more happiness because we all deserve it!  I am going to start this blog as a collective experience capturing my daily gratitude lists, random acts of kindness, goals for accountability, and more!  
Today I will start by making a gratitude list of 10 things:  1. Having a loving hubby that truly gets me, 2. Having the ONLY blue townhouse in the community (Did I mention Blue is my favorite color?!?), 3.  Having a super comfy navy blue couch, 4. Finding Gluten Free Honeynut Cheerios, 5. Watching GMA in the morning and then Kelly & Michael, 6. My abundance of scarves, 7. My loving sisters, 8. Beautiful bay window and deck to work from, 9. Having developed my own company (Gluten Free Tours in NYC), and 10. My flexibility and overall freedom! 

Today I will be focusing on fixing my website and studying for my upcoming exam to become a certified Tour Guide!  Big things ahead...what are you most excited about this week?  

Look out for my next post coming up today!  I will be doing weekly posts but today you get 2!  

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