Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What will you give to 2013?

Since we're embarking on  a brand new year...well its already 2013 so the year has begun but you know what I mean!
Based on one of my favorite books I read over a year ago and my current studies at IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) to be a Health Coach, I am going to make monthly goals and hold myself accountable for the positive things that comes along!  Find your happiness and the rest is easy!

January- Get my book finished and ready to be published! Since it is basically already finished and just needs some proofreading and editing...then I just need to get accepted by a Literary Coach!

February- Finally get my book published.  Get more intune with my meditation practice (its lacking in concentration), Go out to at least 2 networking events, and meet people I can later take on as Clients (New Mom's, Children and people with Food Allergies, Young Professionals, and Kosher Young Professionals). I will also be celebrating my Genuine Girlfriends group's 2 Year Anniversary! 

March- Build up my College Wellness Festival (for the end of April) and My Health coaching practice (for May)  Plus make my husband's 31st birthday absolutely as amazing as he is!

April- Finish the finishing touches of my Wellness Festival for college students!  The perfect chance to show college students you can have fun and be healthy too!

May- I intend to have at least 5 clients to start this month with so as long as I have that and can hold sessions I will be very happy!  I will also be enjoying myself towards the end of this month and head to CA for my 30th Birthday!

June- Continue seeing clients and start my Mastermind group!

July- Really enjoy summer and of course see more clients!  I want to master building Sand Castles! 

August- Do something special for my husband every week just to show him how much I appreciate him!  Plus I want to incorporate a beach trip or two into Genuine Girlfriends! 

September- I intend to learn new skills to bring my health coaching up a level and give the most to my clients!  (Ayurvedic)
I will update the other months very soon! 

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