Thursday, August 19, 2010

Honeymoon part 2

The Cruise was Royal Caribbean 12 nights Mediterranean from Barcelona to France, Italy, Croatia, and Greece.
Before you cruise with Royal Caribbean make sure you call and warn them about your food allergies as I had done that but still had problems! Since i'm lactose and gluten free I wanted to make sure they were prepared. My husband and I had dinner everynight scheduled for 9pm, not the your time dining option they also offer (which I would have loved to have done but thought they wouldn't be able to accommodate me) They made me a gluten free bread that wreaked of baking soda and looked like sponge cake.
Our first stop was Nice which we had an excursion to Monaco and then Nice. I had my meals on the ship pre-ordered a full day in advance and most mornings just had their gluten free pancakes that tasted like crepes.
I loved visiting both places but did not find many gluten free options at either one.
Next stop was Pisa and Florence which was amazing! Florence actually has gluten free pizza. Can't remember the name but from a search I just did one of these should be it: Ristorante Circo & Sons, Via del Giglio,26/28r. Tel: 055.289694
- I Quattri Amici, V. Orti Oricellari , 29. Tel: 055215413
The pizza was sooooooooooo good...definitely my best italian gluten free food!
I also found a health store that had gluten free croissants but let me tell you...those were not good!
Rome was our next stop and it was great! We visited Vatican City, The Forum, Colosseum, and more.
Naples was our next stop and we ended up taking a boat to Sorrento to have their husband was dying for that. I actually had gluten free pizza but it was nowhere as good as Florence. Not even close! They did have a fabulous mint slush that I fell in love with...just ordered the syrup I hope its the right one from amazon. So rich in mint oils, etc.
I did the most shopping in Barcelona, Florence, and Sorrento.
Now our trip was almost over...just about 5 days left...
We saw Venice next...amazing! This and Nice were my two favorite places of the entire honeymoon! So beautiful! I did not find much to eat in Venice as my husband had pasta someplace, I just had some of his salad and then a Mint Slushy. Venice is known for their masks and our ship was having a masquerade ball that night so I got husband had a few days earlier in Florence I think.
The next day we had a spa day!
I'll continue the rest in the next post...and I'll try to figure out how to put some pictures up!

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